Ring rash kickboxing- Read the guide 

In today's world, kickboxing has influenced many people around the world, especially the youth; they see kickboxing as a sport and as an influence in life to find balance in this busy world. Some may see this as a defense mechanism, but some may see it as an opportunity to become a professional athlete and make some life changes. 


Origin of Kickboxing

As we all know, the world-famous personality, Bruce Lee. Introduced the concept of kickboxing in America. A famous story reminiscing here says Bruce Lee had a student his name was Joe Lewis, one of the best kickboxers of all time. In, 1974 the first-ever kickboxing tournament has promoted the world. This made kickboxing even more successful in sports and well renowned globally. Since then, it has been a major event in sports.


Rules and regulations for match

Knock-out is given when someone renders their opponent so hard that they fall and are capable of moving on than the count of ten is given, and in that there is a chance that you have to take and get up; if you don't, it's a knockout.

Striker is declared as a winner. Secondly, there is a technical knockout. This is given when the fighter is no longer to defend themselves, and the one who is standing is declared as a winner. Thirdly, points are the most important in ending a fight. When a fight is no longer ending by a knockout or a technical knockout, the fight is given to an end with points. The judges allocate the points based on the performance throughout the fight; a fighter with maximum points wins.


Rules for fight 

Now, rules for playing a tournament or a match are much easy. Fighter should have proper gear while performing in a fight. He should be wearing gloves all the time. Fighters are not allowed to put any ointments or oils on them while playing a match. However, Vaseline (cosmetic) is allowed in the corner of the referee to put on the face. Fighters should be of the same weight category for a fair fight. 

The fight begins with touching gloves off the opponent and after listening to all the rules from the referee. Rounds involved in a match depending upon the experience of a fighter. The standard round consists of 3 min, 1 min break between each round. Championship rounds are 12 rounds and 3 min each. The doctor, Conor, and the referee have full authority to stop the fight. 

Fighters are not allowed to spit out their mouthpiece; they are given warnings. You are also not allowed to show your back to the opponent. You will be given a standing 8-sec count. Only punches and kicks are allowed, including elbows, knees, and head in a fight. You are not allowed to choke or lock your opponent; punching an opponent in the throat is forbidden in the match. You are not allowed to fight with the opponent if the defender is down on knees or getting up with the help of ropes. Attacking after the referee has called a fight is not allowed, and hitting back of an opponent is restricted.

These were some professional rules & regulations of the sport.